Natura Coffee & Tea September 7, 2013

Thanks to everyone who made it to our show at Natura Coffee & Tea! Do yourselves a favor and check out John D Williams and Knox McRae, two exceptional talented acts who are always entertaining to watch!

We made a lot of changes and additions to our set list for the show! Tim played guitar for Read Me Like A Book while Anthony played the mandolin. Rinaldo picked up the trombone for Winter War, Anthony played his new guitalele for Angel, and Tim laid down the Djembe for Angel and Randy Richards.

It was a lot of fun to do instrument swaps and write new lines to some of our favorite songs. Here’s a quick video of the guys jamming in the studio before the show.

Our next show is a big one! We’ll be playing 3 sets at Mike’s Big Deck – Peace Day Celebration and we can’t wait to hear some of the other acts, including Bone Honey and Swerve!